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SLO Top Youth Archers

Slovenian archery has a long tradition of successful competitors. Namely, it was Slovenian archers who won top spots in the days of former Yugoslavia and who, somewhere during the ‘70s, began to consider archery as a serious discipline. In almost 50 years of Slovenian archery many Slovenian (recurve as well as compound) archers were recognized as top world scorers, finding their way to the Olympics as well: Bojan Postružnik, Peter Koprivnikar, Matej Krumpestar, Samo Medved, Dolores Čekada, Dejan Sitar, Klemen Štrajhar. Some of them remain active competitors to this day and some became well-renowned coaches of young, prosperous archers.slika 7

Today’s best Slovenian recurve and compound active archers are:






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