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EJC Ljubljana 2013

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We are ready! 

We are honored to host some of the best enthusiastic young archers who will take part in the 2013 European Junior Cup, held in Ljubljana. We strive to offer the best possible shooting conditions and take an active role in assuring our young competitors are given full support in achieving maximum scores. Welcome to Slovenia!


Competition field

Due north, on the green outskirts of Slovenia's capital, there lies the Stožice Hippodrome. This incredible sport venue with a spectacular view over the snowy Kamnik–Savinja Alps is primarily used as a horse racecourse stadium, nevertheless it is also hugely popular as a traditional host of various sport-related events, concerts, festivals and other large crowd gatherings (in 1996 over 150,000 people attended Pope John Paul II's Mass), and of course last but not least – archery tournaments.



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Greetings to young archers

On Monday, 13 May, 2013. Shortly before the official training commences at the Stožice Hippodrome, teams, their coaches, managers and other attending professionals will be greeted by the President of the Archers Association of Slovenia.

Following the President's speech attendees will be cordially invited to enjoy the opening of the 2013 European Junior Cup.


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